C11 Work Permit Program

Understanding of C11 Work Permit Program- Federal Category

Age Limit:-Up to 60 years | Bands – Recommend CLB Level 6 | Processing Time: 6 to 8 months*


Eligibility for this program requires that the individual own at least 50% of the business. The applicant must also prove to the satisfaction of an officer that they will leave Canada should their immigration status not be extended.


  • The Work the applicant plans to do will create an economic stimulus for Canadian and permanent residents. The economic stimulus can mean different things. for instance it entails the creation of new job , growth of Canadian exports or development work in any particular region in the country.
  • The work the applicant pans to do will results in industry advancement in the country. the industry advancement can also be interpreted in different ways. Usually the immigration officer considers a business bringing industry advancement if it involves technological development, innovation and differentiation, or improves the skill of Canadians.
  • The work the applicant plans to do is generally favorable for the Canadian society with no harmful consequences and doesn’t encroach upon the operations of Canadian businesses.
  • It is most important to understand that C11 work permit doesn’t get the applicant permanent residence by default. Nonetheless, there is two stage immigration room for c11 work permit. the second stage is to apply for permanent residency by fulfilling these criteria.
  • Essentially the c11 work permit is two types of entrepreneurs. The first group is those entrepreneurs who want a temporary entry to Canada based on their entrepreneurial plans and career. the second group seeks the c11 work permit in the context of the entrepreneurial or self employed permanent residence program.

In both cases you need to prove to the immigration officer that

  1. You own a business yourself or are a self-employed individual with a viable business plan and resources.
  2. The business / venture / self employed business you run can bring considerable economic and /or social and cultural benefits for Canadian citizens.

Few things the applicant needs to consider before applying for this type of work permit:

  • His/her history and aptitude to setup a successful venture or access to the resources and skill set to purchase an existing Canada based business and turn into a profitable entity.
  • The applicant needs at least has 50% of the ownership of the business they buy or establish in Canada
  • The applicant has a well throughout business plan that is realistic and makes sense in practical settings.
  • The applicant can create a set of activities that can benefit Canada and Canadians in various fields and across different walks of life.
  • The applicant has done enough groundwork to establish their business / work in Canada. for instance, they must have secured finances for the establishment of the business. Entrepreneurs should also have a staffing plan ready and shortlist a location to buy/get on rent before applying for c11 work permit .similarly, they must have started developing a network of Canadian associates, suppliers, vendors, etc. While applying for C11 entrepreneur work permit.
  • We recommend that the applicant budgets $150000 to $200000 to invest in his/her business in Canada.
  • If an applicant fulfill all the requirements there are negligible chances that their c11 work permit application will be rejected.

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