Why the Start-up Visa Program

Start-up Visa Canada

The Canadian Start-Up Visa is an excellent immigration program for qualified entrepreneurs who wish to start a new business or develop an existing one in Canada. Applicants who are accepted will receive unconditional irrevocable Permanent Residence status in Canada based on their intentions to establish a business in Canada. It’s not like some business programs, where temporary visas are issued. With this program, the visa is permanent and irrevocable for the whole family.

Program requirements

• Have an existing innovative business or a business idea supported by a designated organization (a venture capital fund, an angel investor, or a business incubator)
• English language proficiency CLB 5
• Criminal and security check, medical clearance
• Have sufficient funds to settle in Canada

Business evaluation criteria

• Innovative business idea
• Will create jobs for Canadians
• Potential to compete on a global scale


• Up to 5 business owners with families can obtain permanent residence in Canada
• You can register a business in Canada before your get resident status
• No specific work or managerial experience required
• No set investment amount, and investment can be shared by multiple applicants in a business
• High Success Rate: Government uses designated organization to assess the business plan and due diligence report
• The ability to communicate in English or French is important but fluency is not a requirement
• With the exception of Quebec, applicants can choose to live and start their business anywhere in Canada
• Applicant have option to apply for Work Permit to accelerate their move to Canada
• Applicant and all dependents receive Canadian Permanent Residence
• Fast federal processing


 Idea validation
• Business plan including financial forecast
• Basic prototype
• Find the incubator, angel or VC (=investors)
• Register the applicant in the investor’s training program
• Incorporation
• Patent registration (if applicable)
• Provide ongoing training
• Submit a complete application for permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (and work permit if eligible)
• Monitor and regularly update you on the status of your application
• Guide you for the landing process for your first arrival to Canada

TIME (approximate)

  • 3-4 months to prepare and submit the application
  • 1.5 year to obtain permanent residency


– Background review and confirmation of eligibility
– Feasability study and idea validation


– Basic business plan
– Interview preparation with investor
– Business idea presentation to investor
– Receive informal pre-approval from investor


– Complete business plan and financial forecast
– Website design
– Review resumes, created/implement Linkedin profile
– Work towards prototype design
– Incorporation
– Investor review meetings
– Ongoing client trainings
– Receive formal opinion letter from investor


– Patent registration (if applicable)
– Prototype design and wireframing
– Investor training class
– Receive letter of support from investor
– Prepare and submit a complete application for permanent residency (and work permit if eligible)
– Monitor your application and answer all immigration inquiries
– Inform you on where and how to do your medical examination
– Guide you through the landing process during your first arrival to Canada

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