Why Work in Canada—4 Reasons Why Canada’s the Best Destination for Foreign Workers

Exploring job opportunities in a foreign country is a very big decision, rather a series of decisions, that can, if done right, change your life forever. And the first and probably the most important decision is to find the right country to search for job opportunities.

If you are serious about working in a foreign country, then Canada should be right at the top of best countries with jobs for foreign workers.

Why Work in Canada—Strong Economy

Only a strong economy witnessing growth across multiple sectors can consistently create jobs for skilled workers. Your decision to work abroad will benefit you over the long run only if there is scope for steady career growth.

This means you need to choose a country with a strong and stable economy with ample scope for growth across different sectors. From manufacturing to hospitality, from oil and gas to clean energy, from travel and tourism to life sciences—Canada offers fantastic opportunities for skilled worker across all these sectors.

Why Work in Canada—Booming Tech Sector 

All-round growth and jobs are good, but every economy needs that one strong sector that will create jobs and boost growth. Happily for Canada, it is the tech sector that has taken the lead in growth and job creation in the country.

A booming services sector need not necessarily have a positive effect on manufacturing or R&D in the country. However, a booming tech sector will make its impact felt across the economy.

Disruptive technologies and new products and services will be used by manufacturing units and service sector businesses to reduce costs, expand markets, improve productivity, and boost profitability.

Canada’s tech sector is expected to grow by more than 22 percent through 2024, which means the entire economy is expected to benefit from this growth.

Why Work in Canada —Easy Work Permit Options

Unlike other developed countries, Canada knows it need skilled workers from abroad and has its entire immigration system is designed to make this process as simple and easy as possible.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is for foreign workers seeking a work permit in Canada. The program has various measures to ensure skilled workers from foreign countries are hired only for positions for which there are no qualified Canadian workers.

The measures include mandatory Labor Market Impact Assessment, requirement for employer to show how either Canadians will be trained for the position or how the foreign worker will be transitioned to a Canadian permanent resident.

Further, there are LMIA-exempt work permits under the International Mobility Program where the economic and social benefits of hiring a foreign worker are more than the risk of loss of jobs for Canadians.

Why Work in Canada—No Better Country for Permanent Residence

The topic of cheap foreign labor stealing jobs from citizens is a very big issue in the US. Canada has virtually bypassed this entire problem by making it very easy for eligible skilled workers to become permanent residents.

A young foreign student graduating from a Canadian university can become a permanent resident immediately after graduation through the International Graduate stream in the province of study.

An international graduate holding the LMIA-exempt Post-Graduation Work Permit can get an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence after just one year of work experience in the country.

This PR-centric immigration system means there is very little risk of loss of jobs to temporary foreign workers. The entire setup is focused on converting as many temporary workers as possible into permanent residents of the country.

Plus, everybody knows the eligibility requirements for permanent residence in Canada, which means you can plan your route to a Canadian job, work permit, and permanent residence even before you graduate.

High language proficiency in English along with knowledge of French can boost your score under the FSWP and CRS score under Express Entry.

Studying in the Atlantic provinces can help you qualify for PR under the International Graduate stream of the Atlantic Immigration program.

If you have a great startup idea, then you can use the Federal Startup Visa to qualify for PR even if you don’t have the capacity to make any significant investment into your startup venture.

If you are serious about working in Canada, then give yourself the advantage of professional immigration assistance to get precise and actionable advice and guidance about all work permit and PR options available for you.

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